Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Once there was a Muslim diver who found a pearl with its surface having an image of a turbaned face that he named it “Pearl of Allah”.

Only in the
Philippines where at the Brooke’s Point, Palawan of a rumpled government office lies what is said to be, THE LARGEST PEARL IN THE WORLD.

The Pearl of Allah or the Pearl of Lao Tzu as it is now called.
Having a length of 9.4 inches and weighing 14 pounds.

This heavy treasure has claimed its title in obvious conviction.
Surprisingly having been ignored by casual
visitors, it has yet to unfold the treasure that lies and what pride is deemed found in the said Gem, ironically naming this country

“The Pearl of the Orient”, the publicity of this treasure has yet to be told.
Guiness Book of Records had declared the Pearl to have a value of over $40 million dollars.
Barbish who owns 66% of the Pearl had claimed that an offer has been made to buy the Pearl by the top terrorist of the world himself, Osama bin Laden with a whopping $60 million with the main purpose of giving it to Saddam Hussein.
The ownership would be the least of accountability but what seems significant in this matter would be where it was found and where it is now… In the Philippines. Though claims of its origin start showing up from left to right, and mysteries unravel and baffle minds, the facts lies their, the pearl itself at the Brooke’s Point in Palawan… The Pearl of Allah.

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