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Sulfur from Girgenti, Sicily, Italy.

Variscite with Crandallite and Montgomeryite from Little Green Monster Mine, Clay Canyon, Fairfield, Utah County, Utah.

Rhodochrosite on Quartz from Sweet Home Mine, Buckskin Gulch, Alma District, Park County, Colorado.

Cuprite with Malachite on Chrysocolla from Mashamba West Mine, Kolwezi District, Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire).

Fluorite from Glacier d'Argentieres, Mont Blanc, France.

Dioptase from Tsumeb Mine, Otavi-Bergland District, Oshikoto, Namibia.

Liddicoatite Tourmaline from Alakamisy, north of Antsirabé, Antananarivo Province, Madagascar.

Azurite, Malachite, Tenorite from Czar Mine (Czar Shaft), Bisbee, Cochise County, Arizona.

Gold (crystallized) from Eagle's Nest Mine, Michigan Bluff District, Placer County, California.

Stibnite from Baiutz, Maramures, Romania.

Liddicoatite Tourmaline from Alakamisy, north of Antsirabé, Antananarivo Province, Madagascar.

Clinoclase, Cornubite, Cornwallite from Majuba Hill, Pershing County, Nevada.

Wulfenite from Glove Mine, Santa Rita Mountains, Santa Cruz County, Arizona.

Fluorite from La Viesca Mine, La Collada, Siero, Asturias, Spain.

Cinnabar on Dolomite from Tsa Tien Mine, Fenghuang, Hunan, China.

Azurite from Franklin, Sussex County, New Jersey.

Uvite Tourmaline from Power's Farm, Pierrepont, St. Lawrence County, New York.

Quartz var. Amethyst from July 4th Pocket, Intergalactic Pit, old Eastman Prospect, Deer Hill, Oxford County, Maine.

Azurite with Chrysocolla from Morenci Mine, Greenlee County, Arizona.

Uvarovite Garnet from Saranovskoye Mine, Sarany,
Permskaya Oblast', Ural Mountains, Russia.

Wulfenite with Mimetite from Ahumada Mine, Sierra de Los Lamentos, Chihuahua, Mexico.



Green dioptase crystals

Blue crystals of canvasite



Topaz Azul

Piedra del Sol





Rosa de Francia





Bone Formation
A section of bone has been stained with fluorescent markers to illuminate areas of new bone formation. The row of cells at the bottom are bone-forming osteoblasts. The bright colors show where new bone has been formed.

A Human retina is seen with a single nerve cell in the middle of the image, surrounded by capillaries in black.

Breath of Life
A small capillary in the lung is full of red blood cells seen in orange. The dark blue spaces are air sacs. The walls of these tiny sacs (alveoli) carry red blood cells close to the oxygen rich air sacs, which is where the red blood cells pick up oxygen and give off carbon dioxide.

A Human retina is seen with the cones in the middle of the image, surrounded by capillaries and nerve cells, seen in black.

A cross-section of skin cells looks like an ocean scape. The brown material is keratin, a molecule give skin much of its structural character.