Saturday, September 5, 2009


Viking Jewellery Ttob Ltor Ring and Necklace with Pendant of Thor's Hammer

Eagle-Shaped Brooch and a Necklace, 4th-6th Century

Brooch Decorated with a Scene of Leda and The Swan

Brooch in the Form of a Greek Cross

The Fuller Fibula, Anglo-Saxon Brooch, Late 9th Century AD

An Antique Rose-Cut Diamond Necklace, Circa 1820 Crescent shaped necklace with pendants set with semi precious stones, Moscow

Medallions from the Barmy Collar, Gold Set with Jewels and Pearls with Filigree An Antique Diamond Ruby Emerald and Enamel Jigha, 18th Century

Ancient Jewelry in Shanghai, China

A Turquoise Inlaid Gold Ear Ornament from Sipan Depicts a Muscovy Duck

Kolt Medallion, Gold Set with Pearls and Jewels, Decoration, Ryazan, 12th Century

One of a Pair of Matching Turquoise Inlaid Gold Ear Ornaments from the Warrior-Priests Tomb Kingston Brooch, circa 630 AD Early Greek Jewellery from the Rhodes Necropolis Decorated with the Bee Goddess Melissa

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