Sunday, September 6, 2009

JEWELS CIRCA 1700's, 1800's AND 1900's

A Victorian Diamond Fringe Necklace, Circa 1870
Art Nouveau Gold and Gem Brooch by Murrle Bennet & Co, c. 1900, Multi-Gem and Enamel Pendant Brooch Antique Heart-Shaped Brooch A Diamond and Platinum-Mounted Snowflake Brooch, circa 1908-1913

The Tara brooch

Topaz and Diamond Brooch in Shape of a Flower, c.1780

Circular and Marquise Diamond Snowflake Brooch by Bulgari

Black Opal Demantoid Garnet Sapphire Enamel Necklace, Circa 1915-1920

Gold and Silver Bow Brooch Set with Brilliant Cut Diamonds and Spinels, by Pfisterer, 1764

Gold and Silver Bouquet Brooch with Brilliant Cut Diamonds and Emeralds, c.1760

Circa 1920

Art Deco Jewellery

Baguette Brooch Pendant, Cabochon Rscroll Brooch, Diamond Pendant Earrings

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