Tuesday, March 29, 2011


PERIDOT Peridot Stone is a wonderful stone to help someone who is going through depression. It is a stone of lightness that counters the effects of negative emotions.
SMOKY TOPAZ Smoky Topaz is actually smoky quartz. Its specialty is the transformation of negative energy to positive. It doesn't matter what part of your life you direct the energy towards! This is the crystal to transform it. Smoky topaz is one of the great all purpose power stones.
BLUE SAPPHIRE Blue sapphire/Neelam shows its effects sooner than any other gem. It is proved fruitful or effective to the wearer, it will destroy his diseases, faults, sorrows, poverty and increases his food grains, prosperity, strength, glory, life-span and off-springs. It also restores the property which the wearer might have lost prior to the wearing of the blue sapphire. If it is proved unfavorable, it may make all the efforts, activities fruitless and may destroy every thing of the wearer.
CITRINE Citrine brings happiness, joy and optimism into your life. One of only two minerals on the planet which do not hold or accumulate negative energy, but dispels and transforms it. You don't ever have to cleanse Citrine, because it doesn't hold any negativity! Citrine energizes, and invigorates, promotes warmth, comfort, and energy. Aids in matters of daily living. It is said citrine will open the mind to new thoughts. Often used by healers to increase self esteem.
EMERALD Emerald is a delicate gemstone and is fragile. Emeralds are found in the mines of coal. Black spots and filaments are often seen in it due to high presence of carbon in it. Emerald gemstone is recognized by its black spot. In genuine emerald, cracks are often found, but it does not effect its utility. Emerald gemstone can pacify mental disturbance. Emerald gemstone should be worn especially by diplomats, scientists, astrologers, teachers, architects medical personalities, doctors, businessmen, property dealers, publishers, accountants, engineers, writers, post officers, insurance officers and intellectuals. Emerald gemstone increases reasoning power, presence of mind and spiritual power.
CAT'S EYE Cat's Eye harmonizes Ketu which is traditionally known as the "tail of the dragon". In Jyotish, Ketu is the descending node of Chandra (Moon). It's influences are similar to Mangal or Mars and include liberation, abstract thinking, asceticism, non-attachment, healing, moksha--enlightenment, wisdom and that which is hidden. Ketu's influence in the physiology is represented by the tail of the caudate. It's influence is over learning and emotions. It's wearing removes physical weakness. Mental worries are removed. If cat's eye acts favorably, it makes one a wealthy person.
PEARL A quite, gentle shine and softness of the pearl has endeared it alike to Men and Women over the ages. Pearls comes in White, Black and with Tinges of Yellow, Blue, Salmon Pink, Red, Brown and Green. A pearl is considered flawed if it has cracks on the skin, a joint appearance, a mole, is lusterless, has mud or other material inside. Pearl represents the queen in Jyotish.
BLACK OPAL Opal is the most fascinating of all gemstones and the finest quality Opals are only found in Australia. Opal is unique among gemstones. No two Opals are ever exactly alike and the colours and patterns within each stone can change with the angle of view. It is these ever changing rolls and flashes of colour that make this a truly fascinating and beautiful gem. Opal has long been associated with luck in myth and legend.

Garnet stone is said to the stone of passion and vitality. It is a symbol of fire, truth, courage, faith, grace and compassion

Amethyst is very popular and widely used gemstone. It belonging to the the purple variety of quartz. The light color amethyst stone beads are very attractive and used to make bracelets, necklace, jewelry, bead crafts, ringsand many more other things


Opal was once held to be unlucky, but maybe this was only because the stone is rather fragile and tends to chip and scratch easily. As it contains a high percentage of water, opal may deteriorate in heat and cold. Nonetheless, it is a very beautiful stone and, without wishing to contradict myself, it is even used as a lucky charm in certain countries.

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